FeedlyFeedly is a social media tool fits in the arsenal of almost every writer, from pre-published aspirant to seasoned professional.

Feedly Perks

  • read all your favourite blogs in one central location
  • gather great content that you can share on your social media spaces
  • FREE!

Who Should Use It?

  • writers looking for (free) craft development from industry professionals
  • writers looking for content to share via social media
  • writers who worry that social media is taking / will take up too much of their day
  • writers who want to be updated when their target publications are open for submissions
  • anyone who enjoys reading blogs

Feedly Walkthough

So I’ve recorded a quick tour of Feedly’s coolest features to give you a quick idea what it looks like:

Whether you’re looking to kick-start your social media content, access free writing tips, or dip your feet in the wonderful world of blogging, Feedly might be a great option!

If you’re not sure which blogs to follow, feel free to drop me a line or Tweet. I’m happy to share my hotlist of writer blogs (hmmm, maybe this calls for a top 10 post…).

Likewise, if you’ve found a super blog, please share it in the comments!