Heather Dale AvalonHeather Dale always makes my fantasy writing playlist. This Canadian (woot!) songstress draws her inspiration from world myth, especially Celtic, for her lyrics and instrumentation. My favourite albums include Avalon (naturally), The Green Knight and Fairytale.

Her music blends Celtic folk traditions and legends with a diversity of more modern and global sounds. For myself, I’m just a sucker for anyone writing King Arthur songs. Instant win, right there.

Mordred’s Lullaby

Love it. Such creepy sounds, just right for Morgan le Fay. The electric guitar switchup at the end is so unexpected but somehow so right.

The Morrigan

Who doesn’t love some old school Celtic mythology?

Tristan & Isolte

Ah tragedy. This one always makes me think of a bard in hall. All about the tale with just the lightest music to back it.

Won over yet? If you need further proof of her awesomeness, head over to her website and download her album The Perpetual Gift for free!